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The historic village of Moulins-Engilbert nestles peacefully in the rolling green countryside in the heart of Burgundy, right on the edge of the Morvan Regional Park.

As you stroll through the village, once home to the Dukes of Nevers, you can explore the ruins of the ancient castle, the collegiate church of St John the Baptist, the salt storehouse and the many picturesque old houses.

Today, Moulins-Engilbert is famous for its livestock auction (“Marché au Cadran”) where breeders and buyers from all over Europe gather on Mondays for the sheep market and on Tuesdays for the Charolais cattle market. You can visit the Charolais Museum, which will take you back through the agricultural history of the Morvan region, providing an insight into past and present rural life.

Moulins-Engilbert has a good choice of local shops, a supermarket and several restaurants.

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